Vocabulary Time! Secondary School List #2

Simply English Learning Centre - Vocabulary Time - Here we go over the word inconsequential.

Vocabulary Time!Secondary School List #2 rudiment (noun) Meaning: the basics or the elementary stages of a subject or skill. Usage: usually used in the plural and when talking about the easiest and most basic parts of something.  Example: People often learn the rudiments of cooking from their mothers, but they won’t become experts until they […]

Cambridge English Young Learners (YLE) Starters / Flyers / Movers

Cambridge YLE Flyer Page 1

Giving children a head start in English Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, aimed at children in primary and lower-secondary education. There are three activity-based tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. This gives students a clear path to improve in English. Motivate your child to learn English Cambridge English: Young […]