Simply Summer English Classes & Summer Camp

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English Courses

We have summer courses for ages 2 to 12 years old. Whether you join our classes for Reading, Writing & Grammar, Speaking & Listening, Chat & Crafts, Playgroup, Art or our mixed activity Summer Camp, we’re sure your children will have a wonderful summer with us. Seats are running out soon, so book today!

Summer Camp

Session 1 – 3 to 6 years old
Session 2 – 7 to 10 years old

It’s SUMMER again! At Simply English & Simply Learning, we invite your kids to spend the summer with us learning and having fun! Your child will be immersed in an English only environment where they will receive a variety of interesting classes designed to improve their vocabulary, grammar and confidence in speaking English. They will also have fun in with different creative projects along the way!

又到暑假喇!我們誠邀您的孩子們來 Simply English & Simply Learning 一起學習和玩樂!度過開心快樂的暑假!課程將會把學生帶到純英語的環境中學習各種有趣的課程,提升他們詞彙量,語法和對說英語的信心,並在過程中享受不同的樂趣!

Simply English Summer Reading Course

Simply Summer Reading - 閱讀

Level A – P.1-P.2
Level B – P.3-P.4
Level C – P.5-P.6

Making students read can be difficult, and even if they like reading, they might not like to read in English. Let us try to help you create an avid reader at home through our summer programme. Students will be introduced to classic stories, transported to distant lands and go on wild adventures. They’ll be reading books, answering questions, learning vocabulary and critically thinking. The younger students will get more exposure to written English in literature with focus on key vocabulary, phonics and comprehension.


Simply Summer Writing & Grammar - 寫作與語法

Level A – P.1-P.2
Level B – P.3-P.4
Level C – P.5-P.6

Expressing ideas in English is one of the most difficult things for children to do. It all begins with brainstorming and organizing and then putting it all together grammatically and coherently. In our summer writing and grammar programme, your child will learn how to write various types of composition appropriate to their age and primary school level. Each lesson will cover one writing theme/idea, the grammar related to the theme and frequently used phrases/collocations.


Simply English Summer Writing & Grammar Course
Simply English Summer Speaking & Listening Course

Simply Speaking and Listening - 口語和聽力

Level A – K.3-P.1
Level B – P.2-P.3
Level C – P.4-P.6

Speaking well and proficient listening comprehension are two of the main goals when learning any language. However, these two areas are usually the least practiced in school. Students will learn a new set of themed vocabulary through text and videos, which help them pronounce and enunciate focused words. Students will develop and express ideas independently in a mini presentation at the end of each class. Your child will gain confidence in their everyday English and encourage English based creative thinking.

良好英文語音表達和理解是學習任何語言時的兩大主要目標。但是,此兩個方面在學校中通常會被忽略。學生將通過故事書和影片學習主題詞彙,幫助他們發音。學生將在每堂課結束前單獨演講表達自己想法. 你的孩子將會對英語對話更有信心,並鼓勵利用英語思考。

Storytelling & Phonics - 講故事與拼音

Level A – K.1-K.3

Giving children an early start in English phonics is important as there are some fundamental sounds, tones and rhythms that students are not exposed to in their native language. Children in these classes will participate in and listen to picture-based stories and go over the key vocabulary and theme from the story. From the vocabulary, they’ll learn some alphabet phonics as well as some selected blends. At the end of the phonics section, the kids will do some fun, paper based crafts to finish each lesson.


Simply English Summer Storytelling & Phonics Course
Simply English Summer Chat & Crafts Course

Simply Summer Chat and Crafts - 聊天和手工藝

Level A – K1-K3

The best way to develop language is through interaction and play. Learn simple English phrases and description through crafts. Students will present their creation to the class, which will build confidence and help them practice different communication skills.

發展語言的最佳方法是通過互動和遊戲. 通過手工藝的學習, 可以學懂簡單的英語語句和描述. 學生可以在課堂上展示他們的創作, 並且幫助建立自信心和練習不同溝通技巧.

Simply Playtime Playgroup - 英語遊戲小組

Level A – PN

This course nurtures your child’s character and developmental growth. 60-minute lessons are divided into four learning areas using different themes monthly. Our unique program features small class sizes and interactive activities to give your child the best learning experience.

培養孩子的個性及生長發展。 60分鐘課堂以主題形式分4個學習部分進行。 我們獨具特色的小班教學及互動學習氣氛, 可以讓你的孩子獲得最佳的學習體驗。

Simply English Summer Playgroup
AS Studio Logo

Simply Summer Art
in collaboration with AS Studio - 藝術課 (in Cantonese)

Simply Summer Art focuses on creativity and learning different techniques to make the art come to life. Students will work on various techniques, including drawing, painting and the use of clay. 

Simply Summer Art 課程是一個以主題為基礎的暑假項目, 專注於創造力和學習不同的技巧, 令學習藝術變得活潑生動. 學生將學習各種技術, 包括素描、繪畫和粘土的運用方法. 請查看今年主題的傳單.

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