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English classes for all ages and levels. All courses require students to come in for an assessment in order to put them into the appropriate level. This assessment is 100% FREE without any commitments or requirements. All classes taught by Native English Speakers.


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Small Classes
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Fun & Interactive
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Loosely Follows Curriculum
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Taught by NETs
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Level 1 – 6 to 7 years old 級別1 – 6至7歲
Level 2 – 8 to 9 years old 級別2 – 8至9歲
Level 3 – 10 to 11 years old 級別3 – 10至11歲
Level 4 – 11+ years old 級別4 – 11歲以上
Upper Level 1 – 12 to 13 years old 高級級別1 – 12至13歲
Upper Level 2 – 13 to 14 years old 高級級別2 – 13至14歲
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Our comprehensive courses focus on three main aspects of English. Each lesson is divided into 3 segments that focus on writing, oral and one segment that changes from grammar, comprehension, thematic vocabulary, phonics (lower primary), listening or a combination of the skills mentioned.

This segment changes weekly and will focus on specific areas of English improvement. Each level is created with the core concepts for the student age groups in a loose curriculum based on similar textbooks recommended for use by the HK Education Bureau. Each lesson requires interaction and participation from the student in meaningful ways. 

Every semester, there is a month where we focus on exam prep items. At the end of the semester, there is an evaluation for the student made by the teacher based on performance in the class and an evaluation test.

(90 minutes – 90分鐘)



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18 months – 2 years old (Must be potty trained)18個月至2歲大 (已戒片)
2-3 years old2-3歲學童

This course nurtures your child’s character and developmental growth.
60 minute lessons are divided into four learning areas using different themes monthly.
Our unique program features small class sizes and interactive activities to give your child the best learning experience.

60 minutes includes

  • Warm-up & Free Play (Social/Emotional)
  • Theme Activity (Cognitive)
  • Story time & Songs (Language & Movement)
  • Arts & Crafts (Physical motor skills)

Playgroup Goals

  • Introduce students to a classroom environment and monthly playgroup theme
  • Allow children to interact with other students to develop social skills
  • Develop & practise English oral communication skills
  • Enhances fine motor skills & creative development through craft activities
  • Develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play
  • Increase verbal comprehension through stories and songs
  • Introduces alphabet, numbers, and stimulates word recognition
  • Develop independence, enjoyment and curiosity towards English and learning

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)

培養孩子的個性及生長發展。 60分鐘課堂以主題形式分4個學習部分進行。 我們獨具特色的小班教學及互動學習氣氛, 可以讓你的孩子獲得最佳的學習體驗。


  • 熱身及自由玩樂 (社交/情商)
  • 主題活動 (認知)
  • 故事及歌唱時間 (語言及大肌肉訓練)
  • 視覺藝術和手工藝品 (小肌肉訓練)


  • 介紹課堂環境及每月主題予學生了解
  • 多讓學生們之間進行互動活動從而培養社交技巧
  • 培養及練習英語口語技能
  • 製作小手工活動可加強小肌肉訓練及創意技能
  • 透過玩樂可加強運動技能及訓練手眼協調
  • 透過故事及歌唱加強口語理解能力
  • 接觸英文字母, 數字及刺激對英文詞語的認知
  • 培養對學習英語的獨立性, 興趣度及好奇心
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 Pre-primary – 4 to 6 years old小學預科– 4至6歲

Our pre-primary course develops your child’s core English learning skills as they prepare to enter primary school. Through the practice of alphabetical based exercises, word recognition, sight recognition, phonics, spelling and basic reading, your child will learn the necessary skills needed for Primary 1.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)


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 Kindergarten – 3 to 6 years old小學預科–  3至6歲

Learning phonics is essential for English proficiency. Our course will help children:
  – learn how to spell words correctly
  – identify, rehearse and recognize sounds
  – increase fluency and accuracy in speech & reading
  – develop confidence to become more vocal
This course teaches students a variety of basics, blends and digraphs to increase your children’s reading ability.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)

– 學習如何正確拼寫單詞
– 識別聲音
– 提高閱讀的流暢性和準確性
– 培養更多自信,變得更有聲音

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 HKDSE – 16+HKDSE課程- 16歲以上

Our HKDSE group course prepares the student for all of the main concepts and strategies that are necessary to attain a high score in the HKDSE. Each Paper is dissected and analyzed in order to give your student the best preparation for the exams. Simply English is proud to have helped many students receive 5** results in English.

(90 minutes –  90分鐘)

課程為志在奪取佳績的HKDSE學生做好準備,教授獲得高分所需的主要概念及策略。我們會剖析及分析每份考卷,確保為學生提供最佳應試準備。Simple English很榮幸能夠讓過往無數學生考取5 **的佳績。

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Ages 4 to 8 years old
depending on ability
小學預科–  4至8歲

A series of fun, motivating English language tests, for children in primary and lower-secondary education. There are three tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)


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Ages 4 to 8 years old
depending on ability
小學預科–  4至8歲

Trinity College London – Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are oral language tests for children in primary school. There are three exams we can prepare your child for – Grades 1, 2 and 3. These lessons will teach your child everything that they need in order to pass and do well in these exams.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)

倫敦聖三一學院 – 英語口語等級考試 (GESE) 是給小學生的口語試,我們會為學生準備3個考試 – 分別是1級,2級和3級,課程將傳授學生們需要在測試中取得好成績的技巧與知識。

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Any Age 任何年齡

Our homework club helps your child with their homework in all the main school subjects as well as prepares them for tests/exams based on materials provided.

(180 minutes – 180分鐘)


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Any Age 任何年齡

Our private courses focus lessons to work on the needs of the students in every aspect of their English learning experience, with careful evaluation every lesson.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)


16+ 16歲以上

Exam Preparation Services (IELTS, TOEFL, HKDSE Prep Courses)

Simply English Learning Centre provides preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and HKDSE examinations. Courses cover all sections of the exams which include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Exam strategies unique for each exam will be covered extensively with the most current practices. Exam preparation material, with full practice exams, is provided.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)

Simply English提供 IETLS、TOEFL和HKDSE的考試預備。課程涵蓋閱讀、寫作、口語和聽力四大部分。我們會透過最新的練習方式, 按每個考試制定獨特的策略, 而且課程能廣泛涵蓋每個考試。課程提供完整的考試材料和實習考試。

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Secondary School
Any Age 任何年齡

Speech Festival and Interview Preparation

Your child will learn how to conduct a successful school interview that gives them a lasting impression on the schools they’re visiting. We introduce all the most common interview questions and practice exceptional answers that interviewers are listening for. We provide guidance on possible interview formats with a particular focus on creativity in answers as well as the other technical parts of the interview, which include eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, and appropriate behavior.

(60 minutes – 60分鐘)



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