British vs American English Series

You might know that there are differences in spelling between the two countries, but did you know there are different meanings to common words that are often confused. Can you tell which ones are British and which ones are American?

  • biscuit = cookie 
  • trunk = boot 
  • flat = apartment
  • pants = trousers 
  • lift = elevator 
  • purse = handbag
  • trainers = sneakers 
  • bathroom = toilet
  • jumper = sweater 
  • chips = fries 
  • trolley = cart
  • line = queue 
  • crisps = chips 
  • stroller = pram
  • rubber = eraser

Most of modern England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and parts of the United States are non-rhotic. Which means people drop the “R” sound when it is immediately after a vowel and not followed by another vowel.

  • hard pronounced as “hahd”
  • butter pronounced as “buttah”
  • water pronounced as “watah”
Simply English - British Vs American English - Prepositions - 1080x1080

Differences in spelling for nouns between British English and American English is quite well known, but did you know that some differences extend to prepositions? Take a look at these common phrases. Which ones do you use in American English?

1. on a team or in a team
2. at the weekend or on the weekend
3. toward or towards
4. fill out or fill in