HKDSE English Preparation Courses

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Some of the skills you’ll learn in the course

Students need a variety of skills to focus on to improve their scores. In our course, we will go over the following for each paper.

Paper 1: 
  • general strategies
  • specific analysis on questions and question types
  • vocab focus for themes
  • one short version practice paper with marks
  • Q&A session
  • essential 100 vocabularies to know
Paper 2:
  • understanding the writing prompts and the requirements to score high
  • writing kinds and styles
  • general strategy
  • outlining ideas
  • forming good paragraphs from the ideas.
Paper 3:
  • general strategies
  •  listening focus and tips for improvement
  • organizing content in data file
  • writing to satisfy requirements
Paper 4:
  • general strategies
  • key ideas on how to organize discussion notes
  • understanding how to provide responses
  • how to add value
  • how to create discussion
  • words to use and avoid
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